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She is my ultimate passion, the impossible combination of a hidden face which is reserved only for me and another one for all the world to see.

This is her strength but also her fragility and her aspect both the most flamboyant and the most unknowable.

Our passionate union is a challenge to every law and it hides profound secrets as well as extraordinary power.

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Creations from the Collection Union

White gold sapphire ring

bague or blanc saphirs diamants

White gold diamond ring

bague or blanc diamants

Blue and pink sapphire gold ring

bague saphirs rose bleu et diamants

White gold diamond and yellow diamond ring

White gold ruby and diamond ring

Bague 688 or blanc Rubis diamants

Pink and white diamond ring

bague or blanc diamant coeur rose et blanc

White gold Emerald ring

Union Bague OB Emeraudes pavage diamants