Waskoll Paris . 19 rue de la Paix

Backes & Strauss and the Waskoll establishment

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A perfect alliance.

Backes & Strauss ambassade

The Waskoll establishment associates itself with Backes & Strauss as sole distributor for France, in order to share their values and their exceptional pieces. On the 11th of April 2013, the Waskoll establishment and Backes & Strauss organized a “very British” evening at the British embassy to reveal Backes & Strauss’s new collection of prestigious watches.

Kirk Waskoll et Vartkess Knadjian
“We are very happy to build once again a very strong relationship with Paris through this partnership with the Waskoll establishment.

Its diamond and luxury jewelry expertise will be a real asset to share the uniqueness of Backes & Strauss watches with our French customers who are keen on unique pieces.”

Vartkess Knadjian
CEO – Backes & Strauss

“Our family establishment, anchored in the purest French jewelry tradition has allied itself today with one of the greatest British diamond dealers in order to introduce this collection of unique watches to the French market.

We are very honored to be partners in this alliance with Backes & Strauss.”

Kirk Waskoll

Backes & Strauss 1789 – London

Backes & Strauss is the oldest diamond dealer in the world. With two hundred years’ experience devoted to the cutting and polishing of diamonds and unique precious gems, Backes & Strauss has become the major world reference.

In 2006, the Backes & Strauss establishment launched a brand of exceptional watches. These masterpieces of luxury watch-making are created in the workshops of Franck Muller, an expert world famous Swiss watch-maker. The result of this partnership between two high quality establishments is the creation of watches which are exceptional, elegant, refined and fitted with perfectly cut diamonds in unique shapes, hand polished and beyond perfection.