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I don’t know how to conquer her heart without expressing the most ardent of my desires.

With the sparkle of this impossible passion, I declare to her the ever burning and passionate flame of my love.

This flame without either limit or restraint sets her body and her mind on fire, delirious, not being able to hold anything back.

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Flamme Collection
Creations from the Collection Flamme

Pink sapphire diamond pendant

pendentif saphirs rose diamants

Multicolored sapphires earrings

boucles d'oreilles saphirs multicolores

Sapphire diamond pendant

pendentif saphirs diamants

Emerald diamond pendant

pendentif émeraudes diamants

Pink sapphire diamond ring

bague saphirs rose diamants

Sapphire diamond ring

bague saphirs diamants

Ruby diamond ring

bague rubis diamants

Emerald ring

bague émeraudes diamants

Sapphire diamond white gold ring

bague saphirs diamants or blanc

White gold diamond pendant

pendentif or blanc diamant 4

White gold sapphire pendent

White gold sapphire bracelet

bracelet or blanc saphirs

Pink gold diamond bracelet

pink gold diamond bracelet

Pink gold multicolored sapphire earrings

boucles d'oreilles saphirs multicolores

White gold diamond earrings

white gold diamond earrings

Pink gold multicolored sapphires

Diamond ring

bague diamants

Multicolored sapphire ring

Bague saphirs multicolores

Diamond pendant

pendentif diamants

Ruby diamond pendant

pendentif rubis diamants

White gold diamond cross pendant

Pink gold multicolored sapphire cross pendant

White gold emerald pendant

Pink gold diamond pendant

Pink gold multicolored sapphires pendant

White gold pendant with diamonds

White gold diamond heart pendant

Pink gold diamond cross pendant

White gold multicolored sapphires pendant

White gold diamond bracelet

White gold sapphire pendant cross

Pink gold diamond pendant

White gold multicolored sapphires pendant

Pink gold multicolored sapphire pendant

White gold diamonds pendant

Collier or blanc diamant

Collier or blanc diamants taille brillant

Collier or blanc saphirs multicolores Flamme

Collier Flamme or blanc saphirs multicolores

White gold Diamond ring Diamond pavage L

Flamme Bague OB pavage diamants

White gold Diamond bracelet Diamond pavage

Flamme Bracelet Diamants

White gold diamond and pavage ring

bague or blanc diamants et pavage

Earrings white gold diamond

boucles d'oreilles or blanc diamant

White gold black white diamond ring

bague diamants blancs et noirs

Pink gold multicolored sapphire diamond ring

Flamme Bague OR saphirs multicolores

Multicolored sapphire diamond ring

White gold Sapphire ring Diamond pavage M

bague saphirs diamants

White gold diamond sapphire ring

bague or blanc saphirs pavage diamants

Sapphire diamond bracelet

bracelet or blanc saphirs diamants

Pink sapphire diamond earrings

boucles d'oreilles saphir rose diamant